I’ll be talking about databases in Santa Clara, March 18

by Oren Eini

I’ll be talking about Building a Grownup Database in the Big Data and Cloud Meetup in Santa Clara, March 18.

I’m going to show some of the features (and the thinking behind them) that went into making RavenDB a simpler database to develop against and operate.


A database is a complex, often fussy beast. For years, Oren Eini has made his living by fixing performance issues of various kinds. After seeing the same mistakes happen again and again, Oren decided to build his own database where these problems will never arise. RavenDB (https://ravendb.net/) started as a solution to the universal problems with relational models, and has been deployed in production for over a decade.
Oren Eini will talk about the kind of features that make RavenDB a grown up database:
— It doesn’t need a full-time babysitter
— Uses AI automatic indexing and self optimizing engines
— Understands the operational environment and adjusts to it without the need for a human in the loop
— High Availability
— Secured development

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