RavenDB Docker image updates for the v6.0 release

by Oren Eini

We are going to be making some changes to our RavenDB 6.0 docker image, you can already access them using the nightly builds:

docker pull ravendb/ravendb-nightly:6.0-ubuntu-latest

The purpose of those changes is to make it easier to run RavenDB in your environment and to make it a more natural fit to a Linux system.  The primary reason we made this change is that we wanted to enable running RavenDB containers as non-root users.

Most of the other changes are internal, primarily about file paths and how we are actually installing RavenDB on the container instance. We now share a single installation process across all Linux systems, which makes is easier to support and manage.

This does have an impact on users’ migration from RavenDB 5.4 docker images, but the initialization process should migrate them seamlessly. Note that if you have an existing 5.4 docker instance and you want to update that to 6.0 and run as non-root, you may need to explicitly grant permissions to the RavenDB data folder for the RavenDB user (uid: 999).

As usual, I would like to invite you to take the system for a spin. We would really love your feedback.

Woah, already finished? 🤯

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