Veteran software architect pits NoSQL database: MongoDB vs RavenDB

Finding The Best NoSQL Database for Your Project

by Mor Hilai

Veteran software architect Szymon Warda at IndexOutOfRange compares MongoDB to RavenDB to find the best fit for his latest project.

He is looking for a NoSQL Document Database that meets the following standards:

  • It has to handle a versatile load of heavy computations and background calculations.
  • There has to be a reasonable learning curve. He wants to get it up and running fast, without having to pour over documents or call tech support time and again simply to get started.
  • It should just work. A database is like your heart. The heart will pump blood throughout your system like the database will pump information throughout your application. In both cases, you want to take this for granted so you can focus on greater challenges to seize bigger opportunities.
  • It won’t bite you at the worst possible moment. The database cannot break down when you least expect it. It cannot have security breeches when everybody is watching. It needs to work seamlessly and effortlessly at all times.
Szymon Warda's MongoDB vs RavenDB article
  • Performance. The database has to work fast, processing massive amounts of load without making the user wait so much as an unnecessary nanosecond.
  • ACID Integrity over multiple documents. The data has to be fully transactional when it persists to the data store. ACID must persist over multiple documents and throughout the data cluster while top performance must be maintained.

For over 13 years, Szymon Warda has been programming .NET on projects as a Chief Software Architect, Team Leader, and Senior Programmer. He has been speaking at conferences and blogging for over 5 years.

See how he pits RavenDB against MongoDB in these 6 categories and determines which is the best NoSQL solution for your next project.

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