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Why Your Application Should Command the Data You Use

Why Your Application Should Command the Data You Use

by Oren Eini

A movie studio will pay around 30% of its budget to the leading actors.

Some say, “What about the director? What about the writers?”

The answer is always the same: “People pay $20 to see Dwayne Johnson, not Frank Darabont. It’s the actors that bring in big money.”

The last thing a studio wants is a $50 a day supporting actor upstaging their $25 million investment.

Why should your application have to put up with the same?

What the Wrong Databases Demand

The wrong databases demand you map your data to fit into it. They compound their rigidness by ordering you to limit the data your application can work with to what it is capable of managing.

It’s like telling Dwayne Johnson to tone it down because Chevy Chase is too sensitive to loud noises.

An application is what makes your project successful.

Databases occupy the internal layers of your project. They are support staff: Their job is to enable what your application wants to do, not to command it and never to restrain it.

What the Right Databases Does for Your Application

A relational database takes in and returns data as rows and columns inside an array of tables. Applications take in and store data as objects.

Built into the relational database is continuous impedance mismatch, requiring your development team to map your data from objects to tables and your database to put together information from scores of disparate locations to provide your application what it needs.

If you are on the cloud, you pay computing and storing costs every time your data is used. That’s like paying Chevy Chase 2% of the take to neuter Dwayne Johnson’s performance.

What gives your database the right to do that?

A document database takes data in just like your application does, in object form. You no longer need to map your data to fit into rows and columns. You no longer need to remodel your application.

You can take in anything, as much as you want, and do what your application’s data drives you to without having to give your database a moment’s thought.

A good document database knows its role:

A supporting actor designed to make your application the star of the show.

The Best Document Solutions

RavenDB is designed to make your life simple and your application extraordinary.

It’s easy to set up and secure with a GUI that lets you do just about everything you would typically need with a command line.

It is a document database that is fully transactional (ACID) and fast. As a result, your application enjoys better performance and greater freedoms as your users enjoy a better experience.

Best of all, RavenDB was built to enable you to focus more on what your application can do and less on how to stuff information into an unbending data store.

RavenDB makes sure that if you can catch something interesting, you can store it seamlessly.

Start making your life easier today! Take a live demo of RavenDB with a developer who is happy to answer all your questions.

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