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Configuration: Storage

The following configuration options allow you configure the storage engine.


You can use this setting to specify a different path to temporary files. By default, it is empty, which means that temporary files will be created at same location as data file under the Temp directory.

  • Type: string
  • Default: null
  • Scope: Server-wide or per database


How long transaction mode (Danger/Lazy) lasts before returning to Safe Mode. Value in minutes with default set to 1440 (24 hours). Set value to 0 for infinite.

  • Type: int
  • Default: 1440
  • Scope: Server-wide or per database


Maximum concurrent flushes.

  • Type: int
  • Default: 10
  • Scope: Server-wide or per database


Time to sync after flush in seconds

  • Type: int
  • Default: 30
  • Scope: Server-wide or per database


Number of concurrent syncs per physical drive.

  • Type: int
  • Default: 3
  • Scope: Server-wide or per database


Compress transactions above size (value in KB)

  • Type: int
  • Default: 512
  • Scope: Server-wide or per database


Use the 32 bits memory mapped pager even when running on 64 bits.

  • Type: bool
  • Default: false
  • Scope: Server-wide only


Maximum size of .buffers files

  • Type: int
  • Default: 256 when running on 64 bits, 32 when running on 32 bits or Storage.ForceUsing32BitsPager is set to true
  • Scope: Server-wide or per database