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Cluster Dashboard: Overview

  • The Cluster Dashboard provides an overview of the whole cluster.
  • Dedicated Widgets display live diagnostics related to all cluster nodes.
  • The cluster dashboard can be freely rearranged by adding, removing, relocating, and resizing widgets.

  • In this page:

Cluster Dashboard Initial Display

As long as a cluster hasn't been set yet, the cluster dashboard displays an expanded view of the Let's Get Started widget.

Let's Get Started Widget

Let's Get Started Widget

  1. Cluster Dashboard
    Open the cluster dashboard view from the main menu.
  2. Let's Get Started Widget

Cluster Dashboard Widgets Display

Once a cluster has been set, the dashboard displays widgets with live cluster diagnostics, information, and configuration options.

Cluster Dashboard Widgets

Cluster Dashboard Widgets

  1. Widget
  2. Diagnostics
    Widgets display information related to all cluster nodes.

Setup changes

The dashboard displays information for all cluster nodes.

After making a change to the cluster setup, i.e. adding or removing a node, please refresh the cluster dashboard page to view the relevant cluster nodes.

Here, for example, is the Memory widget after removing node C from the cluster.

Widget after node C removal

Widget after node C removal