Glossary: Facet


Name Type Description
Mode FacetMode The facet mode
Aggregation FacetAggregation The aggregation mode
AggregationField string Aggregation field
AggregationType string Aggregation type (i.e type of decimal, int, float, etc)
Name string The aggregation name
DisplayName string The display name
Ranges List<string> Facet ranges
MaxResults int? Maximum results
TermSortMode FacetTermSortMode The facet term sorting mode
IncludeRemainingTerms bool whether to include remaining terms

FacetMode (enum)


Name Description
Default Default facet mode
Ranges Create facets using supplied ranges

FacetAggregation (enum flags)


Name Value
None 0
Count 1
Max 2
Min 4
Average 8
Sum 16

FacetTermSortMode (enum)


Name Description
ValueAsc Sort by value ascending
ValueDesc Sort by value descending
HitsAsc Sort by hits ascending
HitsDesc Sort by hits descending