Indexes: Indexes View

This view lists all available indexes in a current database and gives you the ability to create, edit, query, or delete indexes. Indexes are grouped by a collection they are working on and each index contains basic information, such as a number of indexed entries and locked state.

Action Bar

Action Bar in this View contains the following capabilities:

  • New Index - redirects to Index Edit View where you can create a new index,
  • Query - redirects to Query View,
  • Collapse All - collapses all indexes,
  • Paste - quickly creates index by pasting IndexDefinition,
  • Index Merge Suggestions - retrieves all suggestions for an index merging,
  • Delete - removes idle/disabled/abandoned/all indexes

Figure 0. Studio. Indexes View. Action Bar.


After clicking on an index name you will be navigated to the Query View. To read more about querying in Studio, please visit this article.

Figure 1. Studio. Indexes View. Query.


To edit index just press the Edit button available for each index. This will navigate you to the Index Edit View about which you can read here.

Figure 2. Studio. Indexes View. Edit.

The following menu actions are available in the index menu:

  • Copy index,
  • Delete index,
  • Reset Index,
  • Unlocked / Locked / Locked (Error)

Figure 4. Studio. Indexes View. Menu.


When the Copy index button is pressed, the index definition is loaded from a server and a popup from which it can be copied appears. Later on this definition can be used to create a new index with the Paste action from the Action Bar (remember to change an index name).

Figure 5. Studio. Indexes View. Menu. Copying.


If you want to delete an index (with the indexing data) press the Delete index button in the menu.

Figure 7. Studio. Indexes View. Menu. Deleting


This operation cannot be undone.


Resetting an index will remove all indexing data and start indexing from scratch. To reset an index press the Reset index button in the menu.

Figure 6. Studio. Indexes View. Menu. Resetting


This operation cannot be undone.


You can read more about locking here.