Files view

The main view in the file system studio is a file explorer that allows you to browse and modify your files. It has the standard layout where the directory structure is visible on the left side while a list files of the selected directory occupies right side of the view. The name of the file system in the directory structure means the root directory.

Figure 1. Studio. Files View. Explorer


$revisions folder is only visible when versioning bundle is enabled and it contain all revisions files.

Creating a folder

Directories in RavenFS are created automatically based on file names which are always full paths. The studio provides a feature to create folders virtually in order to build the appropriate structure before a file upload. Use New Folder button located above the directory structure to create a new folder (it will become a subfolder of the currently selected one):

Figure 2. Studio. Files View. Create folder

The folder remains virtual as long as it is empty. If you switch between studio pages without uploading any file there then it will disappear.

Figure 3. Studio. Files View. Virtual folder

To persist this folder you need to add a file there.

Deleting a folder

Choose which folder you want to delete and click the delete button

Figure 4. Studio. Files View. Delete a folder

Uploading a file

To upload a file you have to select the folder where it should to be placed and click the upload button:

Figure 5. Studio. Files View. File upload

A status of the upload operation is tracked by Upload Queue panel. If it finishes successfully it will be visible on the file list.

Figure 6. Studio. Files View. File uploaded

Upload queue status colors:

Color Description
No operation was made
Upload was successful
Upload failed

Downloading a file

Choose which file you want to get and click the download button:

Figure 7. Studio. Files View. Download a file

Deleting files

You can select multiple files and delete them at once:

Figure 8. Studio. Files View. Delete a file

Editing a file

Select a single document and click the edit button or click on its name to navigate you to File Edit View.

Figure 9. Studio. Files View. Edit a file

Renaming a file

Select a single document and click the rename button.

Figure 10. Studio. Files View. Rename a file


Multiple files can be selected using shift