Bundle: Quotas

If you want to use Quotas Bundle then you must select it from the bundle list during the database creation:
Tasks Fig 1

After pressing "Next" you will get the following page:
Tasks Fig 2


On the left side of the Bundle Setup dialog you will see a list of all selected bundles that require additional configuration.

In quotas settings you can set several parameters for the database:

  • Maximum size: Limit the size of the database (in MB).
  • Warning limit threshold: Set on which database size you will get a warning (in MB).
  • Maximum number of docs: Limit the number of documents the database can hold.
  • Warning threshold for docs: Set the number of documents that when reached will warn the user.

Bundle settings can always be adjusted in the database settings view, which you can access from top panel.
Tasks Fig 2


You can read more information about the Quotas Bundle here