Plugins: What are plugins?

Under the Raven.Database.Plugins namespace, various interfaces and classes that might be used to extend the database behavior can be found.


All DLL's containing custom plugins must be placed in Plugins directory that by default is found in ~\Plugins. To change the default location of this directory, please refer to this page.

  • Triggers - plugins that grant the ability to manipulate certain actions while, for example, a document is being deleted or an index is being updated.
    • PUT triggers
    • DELETE triggers
    • Read triggers
    • Index Query triggers
    • Index Update triggers
  • Codecs - various entry points for custom compression methods.
  • Tasks - server or database startup tasks
  • Compilation Extensions - entry point for more complex logic, used to calculate value of the index entry fields.
  • Analyzer Generators - entry point for creating custom analyzers
  • Database configuration - entry point for altering database configuration
  • Custom sorters