Indexing performance

Indexing performance tab provides you with indexing, prefetching and deletions timeline chart:

Figure 1. Studio. Status. Indexing perfomance overview.

On the X axis, you have time. The Y axis is for different indexes. Note that the map operations, reduce operations, delete operation and prefetch operation are running in parallel. Even some index processing parts are run in parallel what is also reflected on the chart.

Indexes and reduces that had been run in the same batch are grouped and presented in a single batch box. You can see when particular indexes were run in batch and how long each of them lasted.

Once you click in the prefetch batch box you will see prefetching information dialog:

Figure 2. Studio. Status. Map batch info.

Once you click in the batch box you will see Map batch information dialog:

Figure 3. Studio. Status. Map batch info.

Once you click in the Delete batch box you will see Deletion batch information dialog:

Figure 4. Studio. Status. Map batch info.

If you want to get details about indexing of a particular index you need to click on it:

Figure 5. Studio. Status. Indexing information.

This dialog contains all actual timings for the selected index run and legend that explains what particular colors mean. Note that parts executed in parallel contains measures for an each thread.

Analogous dialog you will see after you click on reducing run:

Figure 6. Studio. Status. Reducing information.

When it comes to reduces, you may notice that there appear some vertical lines on the chart. They split the different reducing phases. Generally the reduction is a multi-step process:

  • Level 0
  • Level 1
  • Level 2

However we also have some optimization that causes that for small number of reduction keys we go directly Level 2 and do single-step reduction (see Raven/NumberOfItemsToExecuteReduceInSingleStep setting). Also after reducing we have a post-reducing work where we delete scheduled reductions that we have just processed. Take a look at the following image that distinguishes reduction phases:

Figure 7. Studio. Status. Reduction phases.

Each of the marked boxes is separately clickable to achieve detailed info about an appropriate phase.

Available measures

Color Measure name Description
LoadDocument Time spent on LoadDocument calls.
Linq_MapExecution Time spent on executing Linq according to Map statement in an index definition.
Linq_ReduceLinqExecution Time spent on executing Linq according to Reduce statement in an index definition.
Lucene_DeleteExistingDocument Time spent on deleting existing Lucene documents (index entries).
Lucene_ConvertToLuceneDocument Time spent on creating a Lucene document based on an indexing result.
Lucene_AddDocument Time spent on adding a document to Lucene index.
Lucene_FlushToDisk Time spent on flushing Lucene index to a disk.
Lucene_RecreateSearcher Time spent on recreating index searcher after adding new entries.
Map_DeleteMappedResults Time spent on deleting mapped results if they existed for currently indexed documents.
Map_ConvertToRavenJObject Time spent on creating JSON object (RavenJObject) for mapped result.
Map_PutMappedResults Time spent on storing mapped result in a storage engine.
Map_ScheduleReductions Time spent on adding scheduled reduction records to a transactional storage during map phase.
Reduce_GetItemsToReduce Time spent on fetching items to reduce from a storage.
Reduce_DeleteScheduledReductions Time spent on deleting scheduled reduction records.
Reduce_ScheduleReductions Time spent on scheduling reductions of higher levels by storing them in a transactional storage.
Reduce_GetMappedResults Time spent on retrieving mapped results from a storage.
Reduce_RemoveReduceResults Time spent on removing reducing results from a storage.
StorageCommit Time spent on committing data to transactional storage.
UpdateDocumentReferences Time spent on updating document references if an index uses LoadDocument calls.
Extension_Suggestions Time spent on calculation index suggestions.
Delete_Documents Time spent on deleting documents (index entries).
Delete_IndexUpdateTriggers Time spent on updating index triggers.