Administration: RavenDB CLI

Running RavenDB as a console application provides basic information along with a command line interface which can be used for getting additional information about the server and in performing specific commands.

RavenDB can operate as service/daemon without console input. It is possible to access the CLI through a provided rvn (rvn.exe in Windows) tool included in each distribution package. The process is as follows:

rvn admin-channel [RavenDB process ID]

The rvn admin-channel uses Named Pipe Connection, and can connect to RavenDB CLI only when running on the same machine as the server, and with appropriate privileges.


The rvn executable can be found in the distribution package under Server directory


Prints basic information to the console, including build version information, process ID (PID), bitness, and system hardware information.

ravendb> info
  Node A in cluster eabe7a24-054a-48ef-9391-7f7b7707969d
  Build 40050, Version 4.0, SemVer 4.0.0, Commit fffffff
  PID 17591, 64 bits, 8 Cores, Arch: X64
  31.122 GBytes Physical Memory, 28.908 GBytes Available Memory
  Using GC in server concurrent mode retaining memory from the OS.


Online display of memory usage by RavenDB. You can separate into Working Set, Native Mem, Managed Mem, and Memory Mapped Size. Hitting any key will return to CLI's input mode (beware not to hit Ctrl+C / Break to avoid unintended a shutdown of the server).

ravendb> stats
  Showing stats, press any key to close...
    working set     | native mem      | managed mem     | mmap size         | reqs/sec       | docs (all dbs)
 +  201.45 MBytes   | 17.36 MBytes    | 42.45 MBytes    | 2.02 GBytes       | 0              |      5,374,826


Enable (or disable) online log printing to the console.

log <on|off|http-on|http-off|none|operations|information>
on or off enables or disables log printing
http-on or http-off enables or disables HTTP request log information
none, operations or information sets the log mode to desired level

ravendb> log on


If log is enabled using rvn admin-channel, the information will be displayed in the main console application. If RavenDB is running as a service, you will see the log output in the service log.


Force Garbage Collection to a specific generation (0, 1 or 2). See GC.Collect Method

gc <0|1|2>

ravendb> gc 2
Before collecting, managed memory used: 48.92 MBytes
Garbage Collecting... Collected.
After collecting, managed memory used:  10.09 MBytes at 0.0078154 Seconds

shutdown | q

Gracefully shuts down the Server.

ravendb> q

Are you sure you want to reset the server ? [y/N] : y
Starting shut down...
Shutdown completed


Gracefully shuts down and restarts the Server.

ravendb> resetServer

Are you sure you want to reset the server ? [y/N] : y
Starting shut down...
Shutdown completed

Restarting Server...
Using GC in server concurrent mode retaining memory from the OS.
Node A in cluster eabe7a24-054a-48ef-9391-7f7b7707969d
Server available on: http://rave-pc:8080
Tcp listening on
Server started, listening to requests...
TIP: type 'help' to list the available commands.


Executes Admin JavaScript patches.

script <server|database> [database name]

ravendb> script database ProductionDB

Enter JavaScript:
(to cancel enter in new line 'cancel' or 'EXEC' to execute)

>>> return database.Configuration.Storage.MaxConcurrentFlushes
>>> EXEC
{ "Result" : 10 }


Running scripts can harm the database beyond recovery. Use with care.


Generate a new trusted client certificate with ClusterAdmin security clearance.

ravendb> generateClientCert <name> <path-to-output-folder> [password]


Register a server certificate of another node to be trusted on this server. This is required when building a cluster where each node has a different certificate.

ravendb> trustServerCert <name> <path-to-pfx> [password]


Register a client certificate to be trusted on this server with ClusterAdmin security clearance.

ravendb> trustClientCert <name> <path-to-pfx> [password]


Replace the cluster certificate.


If replaceImmediately is specified, RavenDB will replace the certificate by force, even if some nodes are not responding. In that case, you will have to manually replace the certificate in those nodes. Use with care.

ravendb> replaceClusterCert [-replaceImmediately] <name> <path-to-pfx> [password]


Clears the screen.

ravendb> clear


For usage type helpPrompt.

Can be used to show memory information used by stats while using rvn.

ravendb> prompt %M


Exits CLI back to the terminal (with rvn admin-channel use only).

ravendb> logout

Prints initial logo.

ravendb> logo


Display help screen.

ravendb> help



Debugging command. Not intended for normal use.

Simulates low memory state in RavenDB.

ravendb> lowMem



Debugging command. Not intended for normal use.

Enable (or disable) candidate selection timer (Rachis), or fires timeout immediately.

timer <on|off|fire>