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What's new

3.5.10-patch-35296 - 2020/06/19


  • [Configuration] added 'Raven/Storage/SkipConsistencyCheck'

3.5.10-patch-35295 - 2020/05/28


  • fix a race condition during indexing which caused an ObjectDisposedException
  • .NET Core lose type information when using ToArray with group by


  • New configuration setting "EmbeddedResponseStreamMaxCachedBlocks" to limit the number of blocks cached in the embedded ResponseStream

3.5.10-patch-35294 - 2020/05/06


  • Allow providing a certificate for one way replication to a v4.x server

3.5.10-patch-35290 - 2020/03/05


  • Ignore errors in report alert in RavenThreadPool

3.5.10-patch-35289 - 2019/11/07


  • Stop sending topology data over ETL replication, we want to allow cross-cluster ETL tasks
  • Disable the reduce when the index is disabled (like we do in the map)
  • Add an index error when we fail to find the reduce value although we have it in the Voron index
  • Add the ability to Export Storage from a backup