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What's new

3.5.3-patch-35187 - 2017/01/23


  • fixed WaitForIndexes/WaitForIndexesAsync index selection logic,
  • [Voron] fixed possible NRE in JournalFile finalizer,
  • [Installer] fixed issue with installer setting incorrect "enable 32-bit applications" value


  • [Storage Exporter] added -JournalsPath parameter that allows to specify a different path for journals

3.5.3-patch-35186 - 2017/01/13


  • [Embedded] Embedding Microsoft.Owin.Host.HttpListener into Raven.Database

3.5.3-patch-35185 - 2017/01/13


  • [Memory] support for custom memory cache,
  • [Configuration] added Raven/MemoryCacher option,
  • [Querying] adjustments to boolean query parsing,
  • [Querying] adjustments to queries with NOT operator,
  • [Querying] Fixed an issue where an Analayzer purging the Term completely will generate * query,
  • fixed possible ArgumentOutOfRangeException when WaitForIndexesAsync is used,
  • fixed performance issue when handling command batches


  • fixed issue with opening collection name from breadcrumbs into a new tab,
  • fixed issue with query page not showing results when table is not visible


  • [NuGet] Raven.Tests.Helpers will now contain Rachis.dll,
  • Rachis and tools will not have a proper DLL version

3.5.2 (35183) - 2017/01/02


  • [Major] [Clustering] various stability and performance improvements,
  • [Querying] fixed boolean query parsing issue,
  • [Querying] fixed issue when using Boost with parenthesis queries,
  • [Indexing] fixed issues with disposing and resetting indexes,
  • [Indexing] fixed issues with index recovery,
  • [Prefetching] stability improvements,
  • [SQL Replication] fixed execution time calculation for Delete operations,
  • [Voron] stability improvements,
  • fixed issues with server throwing exceptions on startup,
  • fixed /admin/stats json deserialization issue,
  • various other stability improvements


  • conflicts will now be resolved properly when Query or StartsWith is used,
  • fixed index creation for VB.NET,
  • fixed Field handling for Includes in session.Include().Load() and session.Include().LoadAsync(),
  • fixed possible NRE in WhatChanged,
  • aggressively cached requests will update their last cached value on 304 from server,
  • when subscription will be closed then it will be properly removed from the set of subscription available


  • [Smuggler] will continue to export files even if one of the files failed to export,
  • [Versioning] properly handle page usage when new versioned file is created,
  • [Versioning] when downloading a versioned file the original name will be returned,
  • fixed issue with deleting FileSystem that could occur in certain situations


  • Studio can now display more than 1024 databases in the resources page,
  • improved suggestions when 'null' value is used,
  • turning on replication on a database with no replication will work properly,
  • Gather Debug Info will now work on Windows 10 Anniversary Update,
  • improved sufficient disk space checks when doing import

3.5.2-patch-35181 - 2016/11/18


  • Fixed possible race condition when using WaitForIndexesAsync from client API,
  • Server will prevent requests from 4.0 clients or higher


  • [Tests] Changed Raven.Tests.Helpers platform target to AnyCPU