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What's new

3.5.5-patch-35237 - 2017/11/16


  • Powershell backup cmdlet fix
  • Make consequent Voron journal numbering after binary restore


  • Fix current leader state in case of timeout

3.5.5-patch-35235 - 2017/11/10

Who should upgrade

Users of RavenFS using the synchronization feature


  • [RavenFS] Reduced the number of created connections to the destination node during the synchronization process

3.5.5-patch-35231 - 2017/10/26


  • Don't display the query as running when it was unsuccessful (in the debug endpoint)
  • Fix issue in binary backup restore - restoring from a full and incremental backup in the same folder


  • Fix: cannot elect a new leader after dropping an existing one

3.5.5-patch-35223 - 2017/10/10


  • [Cluster] improved stability


  • Support sharded bulk insert when using embeddable DocumentStore
  • [Cluster] Set the correct node info when we have to fetch a new topology


  • Allow to edit the secret in the API keys view
  • Fixed a bug with German umlauts (äöü)
  • [RavenFS] display the metadata in chrome correctly


  • improved the synchronization process when we have deletions to synchronize

Storage Exporter

  • Better handling of exported attachments from RavenFS

3.5.5-patch-35222 - 2017/10/03


  • [Cluster] Properly fetch the topology when the primary node is down


  • Properly escaping queries to ensure we can handle files containing # character in the name