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What's new

3.0.30175-Hotfix - 2017/05/11


  • [Replication] SkipIndexReplication will handle side-by-side indexes properly
  • [RavenFS] Fixed the generation of the next revision number for non existing files but having the historical revisions in the versioning bundle
  • [Transformers] Fixed transformations encountering null value in runtime


  • [Streaming] Fixed possible timeout when streaming
  • Fixed NoCaching() option usage for POST

3.0.30172-Hotfix - 2017/03/30

Who should upgrade

  • Users of RavenFS synchronization using OAuth
  • Users of RavenDB replication


  • [Querying] Fixed querying with unicode characters when using v2.5 client
  • [Replication] Fixed conflict resolution by delete when using a custom resolver or built-in ones
  • [Topology Discoverer] Fixed topology discoverer when servers have inconsistent database names
  • [RavenFS] Fixed leaked OAuth token auto renewal timers when using synchronization between servers


  • Fixed LoadAsync throwing StackOverflowException when there are frequent DTC transactions

3.0.30171 - 2017/03/08

This is an aggregated build containing fixes released in hotfix versions since the previous stable build - 3.0.30165

3.0.30168-Hotfix - 2017/02/26

Who should upgrade

  • Anyone who uses replication failover
  • Anyone who uses DTC with NoneAuthoritativeInformation feature


  • Fix regex used for old client fromat DateTime recognition
  • Fixed problem with none authoritative results being returned on includes


  • Fixed failover concurrency problem, that caused failover failure after 5 minutes
  • Added client support for negating query conditions
  • Fixed problem with one authoritative results being returned on includes



  • Fixed load failure on documents page
  • Fixed DateTime filter in studio

3.0.30166-Hotfix - 2017/02/14


  • [Voron] Fixed free space tree handling that returned already allocated pages as free what could result in overwriting actively used pages
  • [SQL Replication] Removed recent touches optimization to ensure we don't skip documents in SQL replication
  • [Indexing] Fixed map reduce indexing which could got stuck in when the batch size is 256 and the values for a reduce key is more than 1024


  • [HiLo] Fixed HiLo generator which could get stuck with the aggressive cache enabled