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Listeners: What are listeners?

The concept of listeners provides users with a mechanism to perform custom actions, in response to operations taken in a session. The listener implements an interface whose methods are called when a particular action is executed on an entity or querying is run.

There are five types of available listeners:

  • Document Conflict listeners (IDocumentConflictListener),
  • Document Conversion listeners (IDocumentConversionListener)
  • Document Delete listeners (IDocumentDeleteListener)
  • Document Store listeners (IDocumentStoreListener)
  • Document Query listeners (IDocumentQueryListener)

In order to add new listener you must register it in DocumentStore:

store.RegisterListener(new SampleDocumentStoreListener());

You can also set all your listeners at once by the following method:

store.SetListeners(new DocumentSessionListeners()
	StoreListeners = new IDocumentStoreListener[]
		new SampleDocumentStoreListener()
	DeleteListeners = new IDocumentDeleteListener[]
		new SampleDocumentDeleteListener()