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Loading files

There are two overloads of the LoadFileAsync method used to load a single or multiple files in a single call.


Task<FileHeader> LoadFileAsync(string path);
path string The full file path to load
Return Value
Task<FileHeader> The file instance represented by the FileHeader object or null if a file does not exist.

Task<FileHeader[]> LoadFileAsync(IEnumerable<string> paths);
paths IEnumerable<string> The collection of the file paths to load
Return Value
Task<FileHeader[]> The array of file instances, each represented by theFileHeader object or null if a file does not exist.

File headers

Note that the load method does not download file content. It fetches only the header, which is a basic session entity object.

Example I

FileHeader file = await session.LoadFileAsync("/movies/intro.avi");

Example II

If you pass multiple paths, the returned array contains headers in exactly the same order as the given paths. If a file does not exist, the value at the appropriate position in the array will be null.

FileHeader[] files = await session.LoadFileAsync(new[]
	"non-existing-file", "/movies/intro.avi"
}); // will return [null, FileHeader] array