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Walkthroughs: Setting up encryption

To set up an Encryption bundle using Studio following steps need to be taken:

Step 1. Create new database (e.g. Encrypted-Northwind) with Encryption enabled.

Figure 1. Studio. Encryption. Create database.

Step 2. Configure encryption.

Figure 2. Studio. Encryption. Configure.

  • Select Key - your encryption key. DO NOT LOOSE IT!
  • Encryption Algorithm - algorithm that will be used to encrypt your data
    • DES
    • RC2
    • Rijndael (default)
    • Triple DESC
  • Encryption Key Bits
    • 128
    • 192
    • 256 (default)
  • Indexes - indicates if indexing data should be encrypted or not
    • Encrypt (default)
    • Unencrypt

Step 3. Save Your Encryption Key.

Figure 2. Studio. Encryption. Save Encryption Key.