Data subscription events

The Subscription instance exposes a few events which allow to provide control over the data stream. There are four subscription events that you can hook up:

public delegate void BeforeBatch();

public delegate bool BeforeAcknowledgment();

public delegate void AfterAcknowledgment(Etag lastProcessedEtag);

public delegate void AfterBatch(int documentsProcessed);

Each of them is invoked on a different level of documents processing:

  • BeforeBatch - called when a first document from the batch is about to be processed by handlers, if the batch is empty then the event is not raised,
  • BeforeAcknowledgment - triggered after processing all documents in batch, the returned value determines if the batch can be acknowledged (default: true),
  • AfterAcknowledgment - invoked after the batch processed acknowledgment had been sent to the server,
  • AfterBatch - called after processing all docs from the batch.