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How to subscribe to synchronization conflicts?

Synchronization conflicts can be tracked by using ForConflicts method. You will receive notifications when a new conflicts is created or an existing one is resolved.


IObservableWithTask<ConflictNotification> ForConflicts();
Return Value
IObservableWithTask<ConflictNotification> The observable that allows to add subscriptions to received notifications


IDisposable subscription = store
	.Subscribe(conflict =>
		switch (conflict.Status)
			case ConflictStatus.Detected:
				Console.WriteLine("New conflict! File name: {0}", conflict.FileName);
			case ConflictStatus.Resolved:
				Console.WriteLine("Conflict resolved! File name: {0}", conflict.FileName);



To get more method overloads, especially the ones supporting delegates, please add Reactive Extensions package to your project.