Glossary: IndexQuery


Name Type Description
PageSizeSet bool Whatever the page size was explicitly set or still at its default value
IsDistinct bool Whatever we should apply distinct operation to the query on the server side
Query string The query
TotalSize Reference<int> The total size
SortHints Dictionary<string, SortOptions> The sort hints
TransformerParameters Dictionary<string, RavenJToken> Additional transformer parameters
Start int The start of records to read
PageSize int The page size
FieldsToFetch string[] The fields names to fetch
SortedFields SortedField[] The fields to sort by
Cutoff DateTime? The cutoff date
WaitForNonStaleResultsAsOfNow bool the WaitForNonStaleResultsAsOfNow
WaitForNonStaleResults bool the WaitForNonStaleResults
CutoffEtag Etag Cutoff etag is used to check if the index has already process a document with the given etag. Unlike Cutoff, which uses dates and is susceptible to clock synchronization issues between machines, cutoff etag doesn't rely on both the server and client having a synchronized clock and can work without it. However, when used to query map/reduce indexes, it does NOT guarantee that the document that this etag belong to is actually considered for the results. What it does it guarantee that the document has been mapped, but not that the mapped values has been reduce. Since map/reduce queries, by their nature,tend to be far less susceptible to issues with staleness, this is considered to be an acceptable tradeoff. If you need absolute no staleness with a map/reduce index, you will need to ensure synchronized clocks and use the Cutoff date option, instead.
DefaultField string The default field to use when querying directly on the Lucene query
DefaultOperator QueryOperator Changes the default operator mode we use for queries. When set to Or a query such as 'Name:John Age:18' will be interpreted as: Name:John OR Age:18 When set to And the query will be interpreted as: Name:John AND Age:18
AllowMultipleIndexEntriesForSameDocumentToResultTransformer bool If set to true, this property will send multiple index entries from the same document (assuming the index project them) to the result transformer function. Otherwise, those entries will be consolidate an the transformer will be called just once for each document in the result set
SkippedResults Reference<int> the number of skipped results.
DebugOptionGetIndexEntries bool Whatever we should get the raw index queries
HighlightedFields HighlightedField[] The options to highlight the fields
HighlighterPreTags string[] The highlighter pre tags
HighlighterPostTags string[] The highlighter post tags
ResultsTransformer string The results transformer
DisableCaching bool Whatever we should disable caching of query results
SkipDuplicateChecking bool Allow to skip duplicate checking during queries
ExplainScores bool Whatever a query result should contains an explanation about how docs scored against query
ShowTimings bool Indicates if detailed timings should be calculated for various query parts (Lucene search, loading documents, transforming results). Default: false