Glossary: IndexQuery


Name Type Description
Query string The query
QueryParameters Parameters (Dictionary<string, object>) The query parameters
Start int The start of records to read
PageSize int The page size
WaitForNonStaleResults bool If set to true, the server side will wait until the results are non-stale or until a timeout.
WaitForNonStaleResultsTimeout TimeSpan? The timeout for WaitForNonStaleResults
CutoffEtag long? The cutoff Etag is used to check if the index has already processed a document with the given Etag.
DisableCaching bool Indicates if the query results should be read from the cache (if cached previously), or added to the cache (if there were no cached items prior).
SkipDuplicateChecking bool Allows to skip duplicate checking during queries.
ExplainScores bool When a query result should contain an explanation about how docs are scored against a query.