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Server Dashboard

This dashboard provides a diagnostic overview of the RavenDB server performance and databases state.

The Server Dashboard

Figure 1. Server Dashboard

Server Dashboard

  1. Server Node Details:
    Data about the running server such as:

    • The server IP address
    • Time it is up and running
    • Secured info
    • Number of members in cluster
  2. Traffic:

    • Requests - Number of requests handled by the server
    • Writes/s - Documents count written per sec by the server
    • Data written/s - Number of bytes written by the server to disk
  3. Databases:
    Databases summary - number of documents, indexes, alerts & replica factor

  4. CPU & Memory:
    CPU & memory usage by the machine and by RavenDB

  5. Indexing:

    • Number of documents indexed per second with detailed info about mapped and reduced actions
    • Showing total documents and per database
  6. Storage:
    Databases size on disk