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What's new

3.5.5-patch-35216 - 2017/07/24


  • [.NET Core] assemblies are now strong-named

3.5.4 (35215) - 2017/07/21

This is an aggregated build containing fixes released in patch versions since the previous stable build - 3.5.3 (35191) in addition with:


  • [Replication] stability improvements,
  • [ETL] added support for attachments,
  • [Cluster] stability improvements,
  • [Cluster] remove node kidnap from the cluster
  • [Querying] fixed various bugs when queries are parsed,
  • [Indexing] adjustments to index compilation mechanism,
  • [Indexing] fixed issue with map-reduce calculating __reduce_key incorrectly if group contains Last-Modified field from @metadata,
  • [Indexing] fixed possible high-memory and CPU consumption by Lucene,
  • [Prefetching] stability improvements,
  • [Monitoring] SNMP now properly retrieved CPU usage,
  • [Debug Info Package] Windows OS compatibility improvements,
  • debug endpoints are no longer throttled


  • fixed possible race-condition in topology fetch mechanism,
  • added SuggestLazyAsync LINQ extension,
  • [Authorization] fixed issue with IsAllowed and IsAllowedAsync considering an operation as sub-operation in certain cases,
  • [.NET Core] client no longer contains custom SerializableAttribute, it is using the official one


  • added support for TransformScript when Between operation is used,
  • added support for using * in filters (e.g. for starts with matching),
  • added start-document-etag, start-document-delete-etag, start-attachment-etag and start-attachment-delete-etag command-line parameters,
  • stability improvements


  • [Synchronization] stability improvements

3.5.4-patch-35202 - 2017/05/05


  • [Transformers] Fixed transformations encountering null value in runtime
  • [Cluster] Fixed sending of the last message through heartbeat
  • [RavenFS] Fixed a possible concurrency exception if a server side copy operation is performed concurrently
  • [Indexing] Fixed handling of multidimensional arrays
  • [Configuration] Removed Raven/AllowLocalAccessWithoutAuthorization


  • Fixed rethrowing of an unobserved exception
  • Including an inner exception in ErrorResponseException

3.5.4-patch-35199 - 2017/04/28

Who should upgrade

Users of RavenFS using the server side file copy operation and the versioning bundle


  • [RavenFS] Fixed the server side file copy operation (IAsyncFilesCommands.CopyAsync) by incrementing the page usage counter
  • [RavenFS] Fixed the generation of the next revision number for non existing files but having the historical revisions in the versioning bundle

3.5.4-patch-35196 - 2017/04/25


  • [Querying] fixed issue with parsing range queries when * is used,
  • [Replication] SkipIndexReplication will handle side-by-side indexes properly,
  • [Licensing] enhancements to license validation


  • [Streaming] fixed possible timeout when streaming