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Session: How to evict single entity from a session?

We can clear all session operations and stop tracking of all entities by using Clear method, but sometimes there is need to only to do a cleanup only for one entity. For this purpose Evict was introduced.


void Evict<T>(T entity);
entity T Instance of an entity that will be evicted

Example I

Employee employee1 = new Employee
		              FirstName = "John", 
					  LastName = "Doe"

Employee employee2 = new Employee
		              FirstName = "Joe", 
					  LastName = "Shmoe"



session.SaveChanges(); // only 'Joe Shmoe' will be saved

Example II

Employee employee = session.Load<Employee>("employees/1"); // loading from server
employee = session.Load<Employee>("employees/1"); // no server call
employee = session.Load<Employee>("employees/1"); // loading from server