Manage Your Server: Global Configuration


Global Configuration feature allows you to define behavior for all server databases in one place. This behavior is inherited automatically but also can be overridden by a user per database basis.

You can configure global behavior for the following bundles:
Periodic export - read more about periodic export configuration here.
Replication - read more about replication configuration here.
SQL Replication - read more about SQL replication configuration here.
Quotas - read more about quotas configuration here.
Custom functions -read more about custom functions configuration here.
Versioning - read more about versioning configuration here.

Figure 1. Manage Your Server. Global Configuration.

Cluster-wide database settings

Cluster-wide database settings feature allow you to define databases behavior for all nodes in the cluster. You can read more about all databases configuration here. You can change only databases configuration and not server configuration.


Remember to restart RavenDB server or reload database to apply cluster-aware database settings.

Figure 2. Manage Your Server. Cluster Configuration.