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Replication Conventions


This convention tells the client how it should behave in a replicated environment when the primary node is unreachable and needs a failover to a secondary node or nodes.

Conventions.FailoverBehavior = FailoverBehavior.AllowReadsFromSecondaries;

In a cluster environment, this convention lets the client know how to behave when a request is made.

Conventions.FailoverBehavior = FailoverBehavior.ReadFromAllWriteToLeader;

You will find a detailed description here.


This convention determines replication behavior for the client. You can customize this to inject your own replication / failover logic by implementing IDocumentStoreReplicationInformer.

Conventions.ReplicationInformerFactory = (url, jsonRequestFactory, requestTimeMetricGetter) =>
icationInformer(Conventions, jsonRequestFactory, requestTimeMetricGetter);


This convention allows you to change the replication mode for index and transformer definitions when they are created (or changed) by the client code (AbstractIndexCreationTask.Execute / AbstractTransformerCreationTask.Execute). It is an enum type with [Flags] attributes applied. The possible values are:

  • None - Neither indexes nor transformers are updated to replicated instances.
  • Indexes - All created indexes are replicated.
  • Transformers - All transformers are replicated.

By default, both indexes and transformers are uploaded to the replication nodes:

Conventions.IndexAndTransformerReplicationMode = IndexAndTransformerReplicationMode.Indexes |