Commands: GetFinishedAsync

GetFinishedAsync allows to page through the SynchronizationReports of already accomplished file synchronizations on the destination server.


Task<ItemsPage<SynchronizationReport>> GetFinishedAsync(int start = 0, int pageSize = 25);
start int The number of reports to skip
pageSize int The maximum number of reports that will be returned

Return Value
Task<ItemsPage<SynchronizationReport>> A task that represents the asynchronous operation. The task result is an ItemsPage object, which contains the number of total results and the list of the SynchronizationReport objects for the requested page.


ItemsPage<SynchronizationReport> page;
IList<SynchronizationReport> reports = new List<SynchronizationReport>();

var start = 0;
const int pageSize = 10;

	page = await store.AsyncFilesCommands.Synchronization.GetFinishedAsync(start, pageSize);


	Console.WriteLine("Retrieved {0} of {1} reports", reports.Count, page.TotalCount);

} while (page.Items.Count == pageSize);