How to enable profiling?

The document store is able to automatically gather profiling information by tracking the requests sent within a session. By default the profiling is disabled. In order to activate this feature you need to call:


If the profiling has been initialized then you can control whether info should be grabbed by changing the value of DisableProfiling convention.

Another profiling method used to retrieve the profiling info associated with a particular session is:

ProfilingInformation profilingInformation = documentStore.GetProfilingInformationFor(id);

where the id is the id of the session you want to profile. In result you will get ProfilingInformation object which has the following fields:

Name Type Description
Id Guid The relavant session id
Requests List<RequestResultArgs> The requests made by this session (url, method, status, duration etc.)
At DateTime The time when the session was created
DurationMilliseconds double The duration of a session
Context IDictionary<string, string> Additional information added by extension


Guid sesionId;
using (IDocumentSession session = documentStore.OpenSession())
	sesionId = ((DocumentSession)session).Id;


ProfilingInformation sessionProfilingInfo = documentStore.GetProfilingInformationFor(sesionId);