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What's new

4.2.0 (42009) - 2019/05/21


Out of Experimental


  • [Graph API] Graph Queries support. Blog


  • [Indexing] added dynamic fields (CreateField) to the Terms view
  • [Indexing] added NGramAnalyzer along with Indexing.NGram.MinGram and Indexing.NGram.MaxGram configuration options
  • [JavaScript] performance optimizations
  • [Studio] introduced Light and Blue themes
  • [Studio] added the ability to Diff the Revisions. Blog
  • [Studio] added Identities view
  • [Studio] added StackTraces view
  • [Studio] added Running Queries view and the ability to kill them
  • [Querying] added support for Custom Sorters
  • [RQL] added support for Limit and Offset

Client API

  • [Events] added conversion events to the DocumentStore
  • [Indexing] AbstractIndexCreationTask allows to set index configuration
  • [Subscriptions] support for strongly-typed subscription includes
  • [Querying] added ToArrayAsync support