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Glossary: DatabaseStatistics


Name Type Description
LastDocEtag Etag The Etag of last document
LastAttachmentEtag Etag The Etag of last attachment
CountOfIndexes int Amount of indexes
CountOfResultTransformers int Amount of result transformers
InMemoryIndexingQueueSizes int[] In memory indexing queue sizes
ApproximateTaskCount long Approximate amount of tasks
CountOfDocuments long Amount of documents
CountOfAttachments long Amount of attachments
StaleIndexes string[] List of stale indexes names
CurrentNumberOfItemsToIndexInSingleBatch int Amount of items to index in single batch
CurrentNumberOfItemsToReduceInSingleBatch int Amount of items to reduce in single batch
DatabaseTransactionVersionSizeInMB decimal Size of database transactional version in MB
Indexes IndexStats[] Indexes statistics
Errors IndexingError[] Indexing errors
IndexingBatchInfo IndexingBatchInfo[] Information about indexing batch
Prefetches FutureBatchStats[] Details about prefetching
DatabaseId Guid Database identifier
SupportsDtc bool whether database supports DTC



Name Type Description
Id int Index id
Name string Index name
IndexingAttempts int Indexing attempts
IndexingSuccesses int Amount of indexing successes
IndexingErrors int Amount of indexing errors
LastIndexedEtag Etag Last indexed etag
IndexingLag int? Estimated amount of document changes since last indexing
LastIndexedTimestamp DateTime Time of last indexing
LastQueryTimestamp DateTime? Time of last query to this index
TouchCount int Touch count
Priority IndexingPriority Indexing priority
ReduceIndexingAttempts int? Amount of index reduce attempts
ReduceIndexingSuccesses int? Amount of index reduce successes
ReduceIndexingErrors int? Amount of index reduce errors
LastReducedEtag Etag Last reduced etag
LastReducedTimestamp DateTime? Time of last reduce operation
CreatedTimestamp DateTime Date of index creation
LastIndexingTime DateTime Date of last indexing
IsOnRam string Whether index is stored on RAM. If true it also prints memory usage
LockMode IndexLockMode Index lock mode
ForEntityName List<string> Entities names referenced by this index
Performance IndexingPerformanceStats[] Index performance statistics
DocsCount int Amount of documents in this index
IsInvalidIndex bool Whether index is invalid



Name Type Description
Id long Error id
Index int Index id
IndexName string Index name
Error string Error message
Timestamp DateTime Time of error
Document string Document source
Action string Action during which an error occured



Name Type Description
TotalDocumentCount int Total document count
TotalDocumentSize long Total document size
Timestamp DateTime Date of event



Name Type Description
Timestamp DateTime Timestamp of operation
Duration TimeSpan? Operation duration
Size int? Amount of documents used during prefetching
Retries int Retries count
PrefetchingUser PrefetchingUser Indexer = 1, Replicator = 2, SqlReplicator = 3