Glossary: ReplicationDestination


Name Type Description
Url string the URL of the replication destination
Username string The replication server username to use
Password string The replication server password to use
Domain string The replication server domain to use
ApiKey string The replication server api key to use
Database string The database to use
TransitiveReplicationBehavior TransitiveReplicationOptions How should the replication bundle behave with respect to replicated documents. If a document was replicated to us from another node, should we replicate that to this destination, or should we replicate only documents that were locally modified.
IgnoredClient bool Controls if the replication will ignore this destination in the client
Disabled bool Controls if replication to this destination is disabled in both client and server.
ClientVisibleUrl string The Client URL of the replication destination

TransitiveReplicationOptions (enum)


Name Description
None Don't replicate replicated documents
MapCompleted Replicate replicated documents