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Authorization: How to work with authorization bundle?

In order to use this bundle first activate it on the server. The description can be found in server section.

To work with a database where authorization is configured you need to reference Raven.Client.Authorization on the client side.

using Raven.Client.Authorization;

The Authorization Bundle usage on the client side is limited to three methods:

  • SetAuthorizationFor - which sets up permissions and tags for a specific document.
  • GetAuthorizationFor - which allows you to read what permission and tags were set on a specific document.
  • SecureFor - setup which user and operation are being performed.

For example, here is the code for authorization hospitalization:

session.SecureFor("Authorization/Users/DrHowser", "Hospitalization/Authorize");
Authorization.Patient mary = session.Load<Authorization.Patient>("Patients/MaryMallon");

If the user doesn't have the permissions to authorize hospitalization, an error will be raised when the change to the database in the SaveChanges call is persistent.