Configuration: License registration

In order to register an instance of RavenDB with a license, you can:

  • rename the license file to License.xml and put it in the bin folder where RavenDB executable ,exists
  • use the following configuration options:

    • Raven/License The full license string for RavenDB. If Raven/License is specified, it overrides the Raven/LicensePath configuration.

    • Raven/LicensePath The path to the license file for RavenDB.
      Default: ~\license.xml


Each instance of RavenDB outside of the development machines has to be registered with a license.


If your server was setup to allow unrestricted access to server (Raven/AnonymousAccess set to Admin), and you install a license, then you have to either set Raven/AnonymousAccess to None or to set Raven/Licensing/AllowAdminAnonymousAccessForCommercialUse to true. Failing to do that will result in an error when RavenDB starts, due to invalid configuration. This is to prevent an admin from having a licensed server that was left in its default configuration, open to the world. A licensed RavenDB server must either have Raven/AnonymousAccess to None or to explicitly specify that you want it to be licensed but allow everyone full access to it.