Status: Running Tasks

Here you can view the details of currently running tasks and filter them according to their types. Types of the task available are as follows:

  • SuggestionQuery,
  • BulkInsert,
  • IndexBulkOperation,
  • IndexDeleteOperation,
  • ImportDatabase,
  • RestoreDatabase,
  • RestoreFilesystem,
  • CompactDatabase,
  • CompactFilesystem,
  • IoTest

Each filter will appear if at least one type of this task is currently running. You can refresh the list of running tasks by clicking on the Refresh button and search for the specific tasks using Search option.

Killing tasks

If a task of a certain type (namely BulkInsert, IndexBulkOperation, ImportDatabase, or IoTest) is currently running, you can Kill it using the appropriate button.

Figure 1. Studio. Status. Killing Tasks.


Remember that server has an automatic purging mechanism for completed tasks, because of that completed tasks might not show up on this list.