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Downloading files

The session exposes the DownloadAsync method to allow you to retrieve the content of a file.


There are two overloads:

Task<Stream> DownloadAsync(string path, Reference<RavenJObject> metadata = null);
Task<Stream> DownloadAsync(FileHeader file, Reference<RavenJObject> metadata = null);
path string The full file path
file FileHeader The file represented by the FileHeader
metadata Reference<RavenJObject> Metadata of the downloaded file
Return Value
Task<Stream> A task that represents the asynchronous download operation. The task result is the file's content represented by a readable stream.
FileNotFoundException It is thrown when the requested file does not exist in the file system.


Reference<RavenJObject> metadata = new Reference<RavenJObject>();

Stream content = await session.DownloadAsync("/movies/intro.avi", metadata);

Console.WriteLine("Downloaded {0} bytes", metadata.Value.Value<long>("RavenFS-Size"));