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Commands: SearchOnDirectoryAsync

The SearchOnDirectoryAsync method returns files located in a given directory and matching specified file name search pattern.


Task<SearchResults> SearchOnDirectoryAsync(string folder, FilesSortOptions options = FilesSortOptions.Default, 
										string fileNameSearchPattern = "", int start = 0, int pageSize = 1024);
folder string The directory path to look for files
options FilesSortOptions It determines the sorting options when returning results
fileNameSearchPattern string The pattern that a file name has to match ('?' any single character, '*' any characters, default: empty string - means that a matching file name is skipped)
start int The number of files that should be skipped
pageSize int The maximum number of files that will be returned

Return Value
Task<SearchResults> A task that represents the asynchronous operation. The task result is SearchResults object which represents results of a specified query.


await store.AsyncFilesCommands.UploadAsync("1.doc", stream);
await store.AsyncFilesCommands.UploadAsync("2.txt", stream);
await store.AsyncFilesCommands.UploadAsync("3.toc", stream);
await store.AsyncFilesCommands.UploadAsync("/backups/1.doc", stream);

SearchResults result = await store
		FilesSortOptions.Name | FilesSortOptions.Desc,
	); // will return 3.toc and 1.doc