Query: Query View

This view allows running queries for already existing indexes (click here to read about static indexes) and running dynamic queries, which can create a new dynamic index (click here to read more about dynamic indexes)

Action Bar

Action Bar consists of the following:

  • Execute - runs the queries,
  • Add - adds a transformer or sort option to the query,
  • Settings - converts implicit operators, toggle field showing or index entries,
  • Edit - takes you directly to Index Edit View where you can edit the index,
  • Choose columns - allows you to choose columns which will be displayed in Results,
  • Export CSV - exports results to CSV file,
  • Indexing performance statistics - takes you to Indexing Performance Chart to view statistics,
  • Recent Queries - contains a list of recently ran queries,
  • Terms - navigates to index terms view,
  • Query Stats - opens a window with statistics for the current query,
  • Delete - deletes documents that match the query (only Map index)
Figure 1. Studio. Query View.

Querying Static Index

The first step while running queries is choosing an appropriate index from the list of available indexes.

Figure 2. Studio. Querying Static Index.

Then, you will need to enter a query that uses Lucene-flavored syntax (more here) that matches appropriate fields defined in selected index,

Figure 3. Studio. Querying Static Index.

After running the query using Execute from Action Bar, query results will be viewed in Results section.

Figure 4. Studio. Querying Static Index.

Dynamic queries

To run a dynamic query, you need to choose a suitable collection from the list first (e.g. dynamic/Products).

Figure 5. Studio. Dynamic queries.

Then, as in the case of static querying, you will need to enter an appropriate query.

Figure 6. Studio. Dynamic queries.

Query results, as in the case of static querying, will be displayed in Results section.

Figure 7. Studio. Dynamic queries.


Remember that running dynamic query may create a dynamic index, which can always be viewed using the Indexes View.

Figure 8. Studio. Dynamic queries.