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How to create a document store?

To create an instance of the DocumentStore you need to specify the URL address that points to the RavenDB server. The URL must contain the TCP port on which the server is listening (the default port number is 8080).

using (IDocumentStore store = new DocumentStore()
	Url = "http://localhost:8080"


This will instantiate a communication channel between your application and the local RavenDB server instance. Alternatively instead of providing the server URL during initialization you can specify a name of the connection string.

Initialization and disposal

The above code contains two things you should pay special attention. The first one is that you have to call Initialize method on the DocumentStore to get the fully initialized instance of IDocumentStore that you will be able to work with. The second thing you should note is that the whole DocumentStore initialization code is placed inside the using statement to ensure the object disposal. This is needed to guarantee a proper cleanup. In a real case scenario it should be done when an application shuts down.


Because the document store is a heavyweight object, there should only be one instance created per application (singleton). The document store is a thread safe object and its typical initialization looks like the following:

public class DocumentStoreHolder
	private static Lazy<IDocumentStore> store = new Lazy<IDocumentStore>(CreateStore);

	public static IDocumentStore Store
		get { return store.Value; }

	private static IDocumentStore CreateStore()
		IDocumentStore store = new DocumentStore()
			Url = "http://localhost:8080",
			DefaultDatabase = "Northwind"

		return store;