Commands: GetSynchronizationStatusForAsync

GetSynchronizationStatusForAsync returns a report that contains the information about the synchronization of a specified file.

The actual server to ask

This method is intended to ask the destination file system about the performed synchronization report. It means that the actual request should be sent there (not to the source server which pushed the data there).


Task<SynchronizationReport> GetSynchronizationStatusForAsync(string filename);
filename string The full file name

Return Value
Task<SynchronizationReport> A task that represents the asynchronous get operation. The task result is an SynchronizationReport.


SynchronizationReport report = await store.AsyncFilesCommands.Synchronization

if (report.Exception == null)
	Console.WriteLine("The file {0} has been synchronized successfully. The synchronization type: {1}",
		report.FileName, report.Type);
	Console.WriteLine("The synchronization of the file {0} failed. The exception message: {1}", 
		report.FileName, report.Exception.Message);