How to send custom request using HttpJsonRequestFactory?

Custom requests can be send using HttpJsonRequestFactory which can be accessed by JsonRequestFactory property in DocumentStore. This is the same factory that client uses for communication.

Worth knowing is that factory might not always be accessible. To check if document store contains factory use HasJsonRequestFactory. In most of cases value of this property will be true. For the time being only ShardedDocumentStore does not contain request factory, because there is no single request factory in such document store, so to access factory you must use shards directly.


string key = "employees/1";

// http://localhost:8080/databases/Northwind/docs/employees/1
string url = store.Url // http://localhost:8080
	.ForDatabase("Northwind") // /databases/Northwind
	.Doc(key); // /docs/employees/1

IDatabaseCommands commands = store.DatabaseCommands;
using (HttpJsonRequest request = store
	.CreateHttpJsonRequest(new CreateHttpJsonRequestParams(commands, url, "GET", commands.PrimaryCredentials, store.Conventions)))
	RavenJToken json = request.ReadResponseJson();
	JsonDocument jsonDocument = SerializationHelper
		.DeserializeJsonDocument(key, json, request.ResponseHeaders, request.ResponseStatusCode);



ForDatabase, Docs extensions and many others are a part of url extensions available in Raven.Client.Connection namespace.