Subscription Task

Subscription Task Definition

Figure 1. Subscription Task Definition

Subscription Task Definition

  1. The RQL query which selects which documents the subscription sends to the client.

  2. Limit the age of the documents that will be retrieved. Default: "the beginning of time" - meaning all documents are retrieved regardless of age. The other options are:

    • Latest document - of the documents that existed before the subscription task began, retrieve only the newest one.
    • Change vector - specify a starting point for the subscription by a document change vector.
  3. Choose which node will perform this task by default.

  4. Test the subscription query.


Figure 2. Testing Subscription

Testing Subscription

Testing the subscription shows which documents are retrieved by the specified query.

  1. Limit the number of results to retrieve for this test.

  2. Limit how long - in seconds - the test should continue before stopping automatically.

  3. Run the test.

Details in Task List View

Figure 3. Task List View

Task List View

Press the info button on a task in the task list view to see more detailed information.

  1. Task status - will be "active" while a client is subscribed to this task, and "not active" when there is not.

  2. Client IP - the IP address of the subscription worker subscribed to this task.

  3. Connection strategy - determines the automatic behavior of communication between server and worker.

  4. Change vector for next batch - the change vector of the last document in the batch that will be sent next.

  5. Last batch acknowledgement time - the last time a worker responded that it has recieved a batch.

  6. Last client connection time - the last time a worker communicated with or pinged the server.