Fuzzy Search

  • A fuzzy search retrieves documents containing terms that closely match a given term instead of exact matches, assisting in finding relevant results when the search term is misspelled or has minor variations.

  • Use the fuzzy method when querying with where_equals.

  • In this page:

Fuzzy search example

companies = list(
    # Query with a term that is misspelled
    .where_equals("Name", "Ernts Hhandel")
    # Call 'fuzzy'
    # Pass the required similarity, a decimal param between 0.0 and 1.0
# Running the above query on the Northwind sample data returns document: companies/20-A
# which contains "Ernst Handel" in its Name field.
from "Companies"
where fuzzy(Name = "Ernts Hnadel", 0.5)


def fuzzy(self, fuzzy: float) -> DocumentQuery[_T]: ...
Parameter Type Description
fuzzy float A value between 0.0 and 1.0.
With a value closer to 1.0, terms with a higher similarity are matched.
Return Type Description
DocumentQuery[_T] The same object used for the query