Migration: SNMP


The complete list of OID can be found here

The table below shows mapping of RavenDB 3.X OIDS to version 4.0.

RavenDB's root OID id:

OID in v3.X OID in v4.X Metric
1. 1. Server
1.1. 1.1.1 Server name
1.2 1.3 Server up time
1.3 1.2.1 Server build version
1.4 1.2.2 Server product version
1.5 1.4 Server PID
1.6.1 1.7.1 Server concurrent requests
1.6.2 1.7.2 Server total requests
1.7 1.5.1 Server CPU
1.8.1 n/a Server total memory
1.9. 1.1.2 or 1.1.4 Server url
1.10 n/a Server indexing errors (global)
5. 5. Resources
5.1.1 5.1.1 Database total count
5.1.2 5.1.2 Database loaded count
5.2.X 5.2.X Database
5.2.X.1. 5.2.X.1. Database statistics
5.2.X.1.1 5.2.X.1.1 Database name
5.2.X.1.2 5.2.X.1.2 Database count of indexes
5.2.X.1.3 5.2.X.1.3 Database stale count
5.2.X.1.4 n/a Database count of transformers
5.2.X.1.5 n/a Database approximate task count
5.2.X.1.6 5.2.X.1.4 Database count of documents
5.2.X.1.7 5.2.X.1.6 Database count of attachments
5.2.X.1.8 n/a Database CurrentNumberOfItemsToIndexInSingleBatch
5.2.X.1.9 n/a Database CurrentNumberOfItemsToReduceInSingleBatch
5.2.X.1.10 5.2.X.1.10 Database errors (count)
5.2.X.1.11 5.2.X.1.11 Database id
5.2.X.1.12 n/a Database active bundles
5.2.X.1.13 5.2.X.1.13 Database loaded
5.2.X.2. 5.2.X.2. Database storage statistics
5.2.X.2.1 5.2.X.2.1 Database transactional storage allocated size
5.2.X.2.2 5.2.X.2.2 Database transactional storage used size
5.2.X.2.3 5.2.X.2.3 or 5.2.X.2.4 Database index storage size
5.2.X.3.4 5.2.X.2.5 Database total size
5.2.X.2.5 5.2.X.2.6 Database transactional storage drive remaining space
5.2.X.2.6 5.2.X.2.6 Database index storage drive remaining space
5.2.X.3. 5.2.X.3. Database metrics
5.2.X.3.1 5.2.X.3.1 Database docs write per second
5.2.X.3.2 5.2.X.3.2 or 5.2.X.3.3 Database indexed per second
5.2.X.3.3 5.2.X.3.4 Database reduced per second
5.2.X.3.4 5.2.X.3 Database requests
5.2.X.3.4.1 5.2.X.3.5 Database requests per second
5.2.X.3.4.2. n/a Database requests duration
5.2.X. n/a Database requests duration last minute avg
5.2.X. n/a Database requests duration last minute max
5.2.X. n/a Database requests duration last minute min
5.2.X.4. 5.2.X.4 Database indexes
5.2.X.4.Y. 5.2.X.4.Y. Index
5.2.X.4.Y.1 5.2.X.4.Y.1 Index exists
5.2.X.4.Y.2 5.2.X.4.Y.2 Index name
5.2.X.4.Y.3 5.2.X.4.Y.3 Index id
5.2.X.4.Y.4 5.2.X.4.Y.4 Index priority
5.2.X.4.Y.5 n/a Indexing attempts
5.2.X.4.Y.6 n/a Indexing successes
5.2.X.4.Y.7 5.2.X.4.Y.6 Indexing errors
5.2.X.4.Y.8 n/a Reduce indexing attempts
5.2.X.4.Y.9 n/a Reduce indexing successes
5.2.X.4.Y.10 n/a Reduce indexing errors
5.2.X.4.Y.11 5.2.X.4.Y.9 Time since last query
5.2.X.5. 5.2.X.5. Database index statistics
5.2.X.5.1 5.2.X.5.1 Number of indexes
5.2.X.5.2 5.2.X.5.2 Number of static indexes
5.2.X.5.3 5.2.X.5.3 Number of auto indexes
5.2.X.5.4 5.2.X.5.4 Number of idle indexes
5.2.X.5.5 n/a Number of abandoned indexes
5.2.X.5.6 5.2.X.5.5 Number of disabled indexes
5.2.X.5.7 5.2.X.5.6 Number of error indexes
5.2.X.6. n/a Database bundles
5.2.X.6.1. n/a Replication bundle
5.2.X.6.1.1. n/a Replication active
5.2.X.6.1.2.Y. n/a Replication destinations
5.2.X.6.1.2.Y.1 n/a Replication destination enabled
5.2.X.6.1.2.Y.2 n/a Replication destination url
5.2.X.6.1.2.Y.3 n/a Time since last replication

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