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What's new

3.5.10-patch-35309 - 2021/05/24


  • Fix using the $ sign as a key in a dictionary when using a Transformer

3.5.10-patch-35308 - 2021/05/16


  • Fix RavenFS synchronization of files that contain special characters in their file names

3.5.10-patch-35307 - 2021/04/01


  • [Configuration] added 'Raven/Storage/PutSerialLockDurationInSeconds'

3.5.10-patch-35305 - 2021/01/13

Client API

  • Fixed possible deadlocks due to excessive thread and task scheduling in the Client API

3.5.10-patch-35304 - 2020/12/16


  • Avoid unnecessary scheduling of sync continuation on thread pool
  • Set the MaxClauseCount for IIS