Glossary: IndexDefinition


Name Type Description
IndexId int The id of this index
Name string This is the means by which the outside world refers to this index defiintion
LockMode IndexLockMode The index lock mode
Map string The map function, if there is only one
Maps HashSet<string> All the map functions for this index
Reduce string The reduce function
IsMapReduce bool Gets a value indicating whether this instance is map reduce index definition
IsCompiled bool Whether this instance is compiled
Stores IDictionary<string, FieldStorage> The stores options
Indexes IDictionary<string, FieldIndexing> The indexing options
SortOptions IDictionary<string, SortOptions> The sort options
Analyzers IDictionary<string, string> The analyzers options
Fields IList<string> The fields that are queryable in the index
SuggestionsOptions ISet The suggest options
TermVectors IDictionary<string, FieldTermVector> The term vectors options
SpatialIndexes IDictionary<string, SpatialOptions> The spatial options
MaxIndexOutputsPerDocument int? Index specific setting that limits the number of map outputs that an index is allowed to create for a one source document. If a map operation applied to the one document produces more outputs than this number then an index definition will be considered as a suspicious and the index will be marked as errored. Default value: null means that the global value from Raven configuration will be taken to detect if number of outputs was exceeded.
Type string Index type: Auto, Compiled or MapReduce
DisableInMemoryIndexing bool Prevent index from being kept in memory. Default: false