How to enable and setup versioning?

To take advantage of Versioning bundle you have to activate it when a file system is created. Take the following steps to setup the versioning:

Step 1. Create a file system with Versioning enabled:

Figure 1. Studio. Versioning. Create file system.

Step 2. Next you will get the dialog that specifies options for a default configuration:

Figure 2. Studio. Versioning. Configuration dialog.


Configuration can be changed later in Settings: Versioning

You can see that this configuration is stored as Raven/Versioning/DefaultConfiguration config:

Figure 3. Studio. Versioning. Default configuration.

Step 3. If you want to overwrite the default configuration for a selected directory, create the appropriate configuration and save it as Raven/Versioning/[directory/path] config item. For example to create the versioning config for /temp directory and disable the versioning there, create the config as follow:

Figure 4. Studio. Versioning. Custom configuration. Create.

Figure 5. Studio. Versioning. Custom configuration. Save.

Revisions folder

All file revisions are visible under special $revisions directory:

Figure 6. Studio. Versioning. Revisions.