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Batches: How to Send Multiple Commands Using a Batch

To send multiple commands in a single request, reducing the number of remote calls and allowing several operations to share same transaction, BatchCommand should be used.


public BatchCommand(DocumentConventions conventions, List<ICommandData> commands, BatchOptions options)

The following commands can be sent using a batch

  • DeleteCommandData
  • DeletePrefixedCommandData
  • PutCommandData
  • PatchCommandData
  • DeleteAttachmentCommandData
  • PutAttachmentCommandData

Batch Options

public class BatchOptions {
    private boolean waitForReplicas;
    private int numberOfReplicasToWaitFor;
    private Duration waitForReplicasTimeout;
    private boolean majority;
    private boolean throwOnTimeoutInWaitForReplicas;

    private boolean waitForIndexes;
    private Duration waitForIndexesTimeout;
    private boolean throwOnTimeoutInWaitForIndexes;
    private String[] waitForSpecificIndexes;

    // getters and setters


try (IDocumentSession session = documentStore.openSession()) {

    ObjectNode user3 = mapper.createObjectNode();
    user3.put("Name", "James");

    PutCommandDataWithJson user3Cmd = new PutCommandDataWithJson("users/3", null, user3);

    DeleteCommandData deleteCmd = new DeleteCommandData("users/2-A", null);
    List<ICommandData> commands = Arrays.asList(user3Cmd, deleteCmd);

    BatchCommand batch = new BatchCommand(documentStore.getConventions(), commands);



All the commands in the batch will succeed or fail as a transaction. Other users will not be able to see any of the changes until the entire batch completes.