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Operations: How to Get Index Errors

GetIndexErrorsOperation is used to return errors encountered during document indexing.


public GetIndexErrorsOperation()

public GetIndexErrorsOperation(String[] indexNames)

public class IndexErrors {
    private String name;
    private IndexingError[] errors;

    public IndexErrors() {
        errors = new IndexingError[0];

    public String getName() {
        return name;

    public void setName(String name) { = name;

    public IndexingError[] getErrors() {
        return errors;

    public void setErrors(IndexingError[] errors) {
        this.errors = errors;

public class IndexingError {

    private String error;
    private Date timestamp;
    private String document;
    private String action;

    public String getError() {
        return error;

    public void setError(String error) {
        this.error = error;

    public Date getTimestamp() {
        return timestamp;

    public void setTimestamp(Date timestamp) {
        this.timestamp = timestamp;

    public String getDocument() {
        return document;

    public void setDocument(String document) {
        this.document = document;

    public String getAction() {
        return action;

    public void setAction(String action) {
        this.action = action;
Return Value
Name String Index name
Errors IndexingError[] List of indexing errors

Example I

// gets errors for all indexes
IndexErrors[] indexErrors
    = store.maintenance().send(new GetIndexErrorsOperation());

Example II

// gets errors only for 'Orders/Totals' index
IndexErrors[] indexErrors
    = store.maintenance()
        .send(new GetIndexErrorsOperation(new String[]{"Orders/Totals"}));